My murder mystery novel, The Peasmarsh Players, was published in September 2020. The second book to feature private investigator Rags Whistledown, this book delves into the shady goings-on in an amateur dramatic company. Much of the novel is set in the beautiful North Norfolk town of Wells-next-the-Sea, and the landscape and beaches have a role to play as the mystery unfolds.

With the wonderful Wells-next-the-Sea as its backdrop and an array of fascinating characters the story bowls along and provides shocks and surprises. Definitely kept me enthralled all the way through to its unexpected but satisfying conclusion.

Heather de Lyon, dramatist and editor.

From 30 September 2020 you can buy The Peasmarsh Players directly from me for £8.99 plus postage and packing if you email me at Or you can buy it through Amazon, or order it at a local bookshop. The book is also for sale in e-book form on Kindle and other devices, for £2.99. Please search for it using my full name (Caroline Gilfillan).

Another delightful Rags Whistledown caper.

Zosia Wand, author of Trust Me and The Accusation

Rags Whistledown is a fantastic newcomer to the PI scene: warm, sunny, sympathetic and sexy. The book is a pleasure to read.

Barbara Stretch, musician and vocalist with Tribes of Europe.

The first book in the series, The Terrace, found Rags looking into the death of a neighbour in her terraced Norfolk street – a neighbour with whom she shared a deliciously flirtatious evening before he disappeared. If you order both novels directly from me, you can have them at the reduced price of £15 including postage and packing.

In between these two novels I published The Bar, a long short story featuring Rags again, but this time on an assignment in the South of France. This story is available on Kindle for £1.99.